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The Lucky Launcher II

  • £17500

The Lucky Launcher II

The Lucky Launcher II is an excellent piece of equipment for any gundog owner, as with a dummy launcher the use of the sound of the shot along with the flight of the dummy creates a realistic exercise for training your dog.

The Lucky Launcher II as with the Original Lucky Launcher has a pistol grip, full length stock and soft recoil pad to make firing from the shoulder or thigh more comfortable. The Launcher's cocking and trigger mechanism (which has been improved from the original although not seen in picture) permits for one handed operation allowing a free hand for throwing doubles or control of the dog. The sleek shotgun design prepares your dog for actual hunting scenarios by mirroring firearms used when hunting. 

Recent improvements with the Lucky Launcher includes a 2 piece collapsible stock for optimum portability, storage and carrying in a game bag.   All of the hardware is stainless steel and with an E-Coating paint process on the stock for superior rust and corrosion protection.

The Lucky Launcher come with the choice of either a Canvas or PVC Dummy.  Also available to buy the launcher with dummy (canvas or PVC) and blanks, and also just the Lucky Launcher without dummy

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