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3 Part Hare Dummy

  • £2500

The 3 Part Hare Dummy

These dummies are made of rabbit fur, The hare dummy is one piece divided into 3 sections so that when the dog holds it in the middle the two sides hang down to create a realistic feeling of holding the body of a hare. The three parts also have the advantage of teaching the dog to hold it in the middle as holding it on the side results in it dragging on the floor prompting the dog to find a better place on the centre of the dummy to grip.

This hare dummy is available in 4 sizes; the 800g Small Mouth dummy with or without fur, the 1kg hare dummy with or without fur, the 2.0kg Hare dummy with or without fur and the 2.5kg "Mega Bun" hare dummy with or without fur (nicknamed for its large size)

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