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Stephen Bulled's Essential Dog Training Kit

  • £6000

Stephen Bulled's Essential Dog Training Kit

1.  Jaeger (Round the body) Slip Lead - This is a round the body slip lead which allows you to free up your hands, while walking or training your dog.  Available in BLACK, RED, OLIVE, BLUE, BROWN, BLACK/RAINBOW and PURPLE

2.  Lightweight Braided Tracking Lead - The tracking line is 12 meters long, with a clip on the end. The lead can be folded in half and clipped onto a ring on the handle if you want a shorter leash.  Available in RED, BLACK, BLUE, BROWN and KHAKI

3.  212 Acme Dog Whistle with Lanyard- The professional’s choice because it has a constant frequency no matter how hard or soft you blow. It is also known as the field trialers whistle.  Available in NEON GREEN, HOT PINK, ORANGE and BLACK

4.  Prey Dummy - This has a concealed zip and throwing rope, is a useful tool for encouraging reluctant retrievers. Place a reward inside the dummy and this will encourage your dog to pick up the dummy and return it to receive its reward.  Available in PURPLE/BLACK, LIME GREEN/BLACK, ORANGE/BLACK, PINK/BLACK, BLACK/WHITE, BEIGE/BROWN, GREEN/ORANGE, ORANGE/BEIGE, RED/BEIGE.

This kit comes to a total of £60.00 for all 4 items including postage; so a great bargain

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